Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety is not only a way of life at Ecofumitech — working in partnership with us brings health and safety benefits for many of our customers too. Pest risks and associated disease risks are mitigated, potentially dangerous damage to buildings and electrical wiring from rodents is reduced, and problems with bird mess removed too.Working with Ecofumitech can also help improve the health and safety culture of your organisation, as our Service Technicians always carry out procedures to the highest standards. We aim to continually improve our health and safety record as an organisation — wouldn't you like to do the same?

Legislation and Regulatory Affairs:
Every industry is governed by its own set of health, safety and hygiene legislation. Ecofumitech has many years of experience helping businesses of all kinds meet both the letter and spirit of regulations that may affect them.

These include:
• Pest Control Product Board Act.
• Environmental Management Control Act.
• Occupational Health & Safety Act.
• Public Health Act.